Our ‘Decorative Flooring’ services consist of a number of options and they are as follows;


decorative-concrete-polymer-overlay-2smOur customer benefits for this process are;

  • Has a modern architectural look and feel
  • It’s seamless and very easy to maintain
  • Available in a variety of shades
  • Suitable to go over level or uneven surfaces
  • Can be applied over rough concrete
  • Will even work for old tiles if they are sound

Decorative Polymer Overlay comes with a 3 coat UV resistant clear gloss or satin finish. 



stone-stamped-concrete-overlay-4Stone Stamped Concrete Overlay is designed to transform existing concrete flooring into a seamless stone textured surface.

We enrich the overlay with shadings of natural stone colour and then seal it with a UV resistant satin clear finish that can be sweated, mopped or vacuumed. And if it is an outdoor environment, it can be hosed down.




coloured-flake-flooring-2smAvailable in designer colour mixes or customised colour blends over a clear or coloured base. Coloured Flake (Chip) Flooring is one of the most versatile decorative finishes.

Favourite for decades because of it’s serviceability and functionality.

Suitable for interior & exterior applications with a smooth texture that can be made to various R grades of anti-slip. 




butler-florentina-colours-smFlorentina Spray Stone is a relatively new product introduction to the Australian market after huge success overseas. It is best described as a magnificent decorative coating with the appearance and texture of natural granite stone.

This product is suitable for either indoors or outside concrete flooring surfaces always providing a stunning stone look without compromise.

Our customer benefits of this product are;

  • Extremely durable and hard wearing
  • Non-porous and easy maintenance
  • Resistant to dirt, mould, grime and other contaminants
  • Distinctive solution for flooring projects
  • Available in 6 great colour choices

This is a stylish product suited to both residential and commercial applications.



The ‘industrial’ look has become extremely popular in not only restaurants, cafes and retail outlets, but also in the home (inside or out).

We take your new or old concrete floor and grind it just enough to give the clear epoxy seal coats something to hang on to. And the results will be even better if your old concrete has character …. because we know how to bring the best out of it.

This process is available in a choice of gloss or satin clear. In addition to that, colour stains can also be added to create more character or just left if that’s how you like it.


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