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Concrete Impregnating Moisture Barrier

Butlers Epoxy Flooring are approved applicators of Aquron 2000, which creates a permanent & impervious hydrogel within the treated concrete. One out of every five flooring projects will experience moisture related failure during the first 12 months of service life. Aquron has conquered these age-old problems. When a floor has moisture problems Aquron will stop the moisture drive allowing installation of any type of covering or coating. In most cases you can cover or coat green concrete in seven days after placement.

Anti-Slip Flooring

Anti-Slip Epoxy coatings can be applied to most surfaces and/or shapes providing positive traction and worker safety where and when it is most needed. Non slip flooring is extremely durable and not only a must in commercial and industrial applications, but a popular surface coating wherever there is the possibility of water. Such as indoor gymnasiums, public pools, etc.


ArtEpox Decorative Flooring

A vibrant, affordable and highly attract decorative flooring system that allows you to customize your own design approach. Choose from our extensive range of decorative coatings for a shining, strong and vibrant flooring solution.


UV-curable Floor Coating System

RapidShield™ is an advanced approach to floor protection and maintenance. It consists of a single component formulation and a mobile curing unit. This system is perfect for those commercial/industrial zones where time is of the essence as it allows the floor to be used within minutes of being exposed to the UV light from the Mobile Curing Unit.


Commercial Flooring

More and more Commercial and Industrial premises are electing to use EPOXY concrete floor coatings over their old previously sealed/painted concrete floors. The primary reasons are the ease of maintenance, chemical resistance, safety, hygiene, moisture blocking and overall appearance. All commercial flooring projects can be completed to an exceptionally high standard by our team of fast, experienced and dedicated flooring specialists.


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