floorchef-metallic-effects-1Here is your opportunity to choose from a range of decorative epoxies that are safe, reliable and look amazing. This is a vibrant, affordable and highly attractive decorative flooring system that allows you to customize your own design approach. Choose from our extensive range of decorative coatings for a shining, strong and vibrant flooring solution.

FloorChef allows you to finally choose a range of decorative epoxies that are;

  • Designed for Decorative Use– No longer do we have the frustration of using generic industrial resins that bubble and crawl etc. The FloorChef range was extensively developed over a two year period specifically for decorative purposes.
  • Eco-certified– This product has been independently assessed and eco-certified as a “Good Environmental Choice” under international standard ISO 14020.
  • Solventless and Odourless– We can assure a totally safe application indoors without disruption to your business or harm caused to nearby people.
  • Proven High-quality– Using resin technology adapted from premium industrial resins with proven track record to ensure the end results are durable for long periods of time
  • Totally Unique– So adaptable that designs will only be limited by your own imagination! FloorChef allows you to freely suit your own style, taste or colour scheme.
  • Affordable– Extremely cost-competitive compared to other flooring alternatives which results in a lower priced end product.
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