Is your floor slippery when wet? In need of maintenance? Always getting wet from commercial surroundings? Feels unsafe to walk on? If any of those apply to you, give us a call for a quick and economical solution that will not only be practicable …. It will also look great!

Anti-Slip Epoxy coatings can be applied to most surfaces and/or shapes providing positive traction around wet areas such as swimming pools as well as commercial zones for worker safety where and when it is most needed. Non slip flooring is extremely durable and not only a must in commercial and industrial applications, but a popular surface coating wherever there is the possibility of water such as indoor gymnasiums, public pools, commercial laundries, sports rooms, restaurant kitchens, etc.

We can cover any existing or new floor surface with a non-slip epoxy coating that will stand the test of time while requiring minimal maintenance.

You may be tempted to undertake a DIY for this. Our advice, don’t do it. The product itself is not that cheap and once it is applied incorrectly it is a massive task to remove it and the time and machinery required to get the project back to start point will be high. Also, if applied incorrectly and the decision is made to leave it down, it will not take long before it starts to deteriorate and fail in the whole purpose of having it in the first place. We are very reasonably priced and you have nothing to lose by checking with us before you launch into a big project that is not as easy as it looks (or as some people might tell you).

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