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All of us here at Butlers Epoxy Flooring are committed to providing the customer with what they want, and that is a floor that works.

We have been doing this since 1988 and in that time we have gained an extensive knowledge of how to achieve the best application, at the quickest time, to last the longest period.

You will end up with a great looking, long lasting, low maintenance floor that will suit the exact purpose you intended.

We well understand that you only want to get your floor installed once, so we do everything that needs to be done to ensure that is what happens. We offer all your epoxy floor solutions from sealing your garage floor to installing a 5mm system to your entire factory. Clear, coloured or decorative, we’ve done it and know how you want it to look.

Preparation Is The Key to Success:

A floor is only as good as its key to the concrete so that’s why we have all the equipment that’s needed to make sure your floor is stuck. Grinders, blasters and sacrifices are all vacuum ducted so there is little to no dust. We also know that in some instances the old needs to come up in order to install the new. So we can remove your old floor and prepare to the point that it’s ready for the new. However, in saying that, there could be a good chance that your old floor might not need to be removed and we might be able to go over it thereby saving you both time and money.

Why Trust Us To Install Your Floor:

We are approved applicators for all the leading epoxy companies. Over 30 years combined experience. We are dedicated to giving you’re the best finished result making it easy for you to clean and safe for you to use every day.

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